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What a fantastic night and what a way to end our time at Marlborough Science Academy!

Battle of the Bands! We played alongside amazing talent from all ages at the school.

The show was set up to showcase the fantastic music that develops at Marlborough, and to give some of those bands and singers the opportunity to play at MFest – now in it’s 10th year!

Kick Pistol have had the pleasure of playing at MFest for a fair few years now and we are truly honoured to announce that we will be playing a 20 minute evening set on the main stage to thousands of people on 6th July 2019!

Get your tickets now at www.themfestival.co.uk and come and see us!

Big thanks to Marlborough for all their help and support over the years – special thanks to Mr and Mrs Gustafson, Miss Haines, Mr Earley, Mr Billington and Mr Scurr.


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